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I made a mistake writing out the certificate

If you happen to make a mistake while writing up the roadworthy certificate you do not have to re-enter all the information into the program.  You just need to set the inspections outcome to mistake and then copy the inspection to a new inspection.

  1. Locate your inspection in the list and bring up the inspection details
  2. Switch the outcome of the first inspection to ‘Mistake’ and click OK.
  3. Locate the inspection in the list and right click and select ‘New Inspection from Selected’.  This will copy all the information from that inspection and create an inspection with a new certificate number.

How do I backup my inspection data?

You have two options to backup your data.  The first is to close Roadworthy Logbook and then browse to your ‘My Documents’ folder.  Here you will find another folder called ‘Roadworthy Logbook’.  If you copy this entire folder to another location such as an external drive or USB stick, you will have a full backup of your inspection data and photos.

From v2 you can now do this directly from within Roadworthy Logbook:

  1. Open Roadworthy Logbook.  Click File | Backup.

  2. Select a folder to store the backup in.  Eg. an USB drive.

  3. Click ‘Make New Folder’ to give the backup it’s own folder.  If you have previously backed up your inspections select the previous backup folder.
  4. Click OK to start the backup.

Where are my photos stored?

Importing photos into inspections copies the photos to the ‘Roadworthy Logbook’ folder within ‘My Documents’.  The photos are then stored into separate folders by date and then are named with the roadworthy certificate number.  This allows you to locate images from a certain roadworthy even without using Roadworthy Logbook.

What happens if my camera doesn’t have the date/time

In the case where the date/time hasn’t been stored in your image it will fall back to using the windows time the photo was created.  If this then fails it will fall back to the date of the inspection.  This allows Roadworthy Logbook to always include the date information on the image.

I’ve lost my licence information

If you’ve lost your licence information for Roadworthy Logbook please contact us with your name and email address and we’ll resend your code for you.

Registering Roadworthy Logbook

Without a license Roadworthy Logbook allows a total of 25 inspections. If you require more than this to evaluate the software, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to organise an extended trial period without the inspection limitation.

Purchasing Roadworthy Logbook is a one off fee and includes 12 months of support and program updates. After this period your software will continue running however you will need to purchase maintenance to continue upgrading to the latest versions.

To enter a license, click on Help | Install License.

Here you can enter in the license information you received from us. It is recommended that you copy and paste this both the Company and License Key you received as they must be entered exactly before the key will be accepted. Once accepted close and restart Roadworthy Logbook for the license to be activated.

I haven’t received my licence code

Our systems will automatically send you the unlock code via email once your payment has been processed. This generally only takes a few minutes however if you still haven’t received our email please check that the email you supplied us is with a valid email address, and that the email from us hasn’t been filtered by your spam filter. If you have still not received your unlock code please contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible.  Note that for the time being we are manually processing payments so you should receive your code by the next morning.

Installing Roadworthy Logbook

To install Roadworthy Logbook first download the software.  If you are upgrading to the latest version ensure that you have closed the program before starting.  Once your download has completed, select the option to run to start the setup wizard.  If you’re still having problems installing or upgrading please contact us.

Roadworthy logbook works with Windows XP or newer.  If you’re using Windows Vista or 7 you will see an unknown publisher warning when first running the installer.  Click the ‘Run’ button.

The installer will then run where you can follow the prompts.  Click the next button.

Click next to accept the default install path.

Click next to accept the default menu path

Click next to have the installer create an icon on your desktop.

You have now selected all the required options.  Click next to install the program.



Installation is now complete.  Click Finish to load Roadworthy Logbook.