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New expired status for 7 day expiry

This latest update to the web edition brings some improvements with the handling of expired inspections. Failed first inspections will still be automatically withdrawn however to simplify things we now have a new status called ‘Expired’ which clearly identifies that an inspection has been marked as expired after 7 days.  This also makes it much easier to manually set an inspection as expired. You can now simply select ‘Expired’ as the second inspection outcome.


New expired status for an inspection

New expired status for an inspection

Improved image uploading

This latest update to the web edition brings some improvements to attaching images to your roadworthy inspections.

  • Auto rotation of images taken on mobile devices (upside down iPad images will now appear the correct way)
  • Speed improvement in the uploading of images
  • Better handling of multiple files with individual upload progress
Attaching images

Attaching images to your roadworthy inspection

Web edition updated with the ability to remove images

This update fixes an issue with your changes to inspections not being displayed straight away (more so with Internet Explorer and Edge browsers).

  • Added the ability to remove images from inspections.Delete images
  • Increased website performance with caching.  With both client and server side caching the pages should load quicker.  (this will be activated in the next couple days)
  • Minor fixes and improvements


Minor improvements to the web edition

The web edition has now been updated with the latest changes.

  • Improved adding photos of new inspections
  • Improved inspection ordering on summary screen
  • Added live demo option
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Minor improvements to the web edition

The web edition has now been updated with the latest changes.

  • Fixed tab order when entering customer details
  • Improved vehicle colour suggestions
  • Increased vehicle make and model field lengths
  • Improved vehicle detail field validation



Web Edition now includes the internal audit checklist

The web edition has now been updated with the latest features.

  • Licensed Vehicle Tester Audit Checklist.  Perform your internal audits directly within the system.
  • Option to copy existing inspection vehicle and customer details to a new inspection.
  • Small improvements to help with entering inspection data

Friendly reminder to backup your Roadworthy data

After having several customers face issues with their data recently I thought it would be good to remind everyone about the importance of backing your Roadworthy Logbook data.  March 31st also happens to be world backup day so what better day to ensure that your backups are in order.

Why backup your data?

  • In most cases it is nearly impossible to recover or replace the data once it has been lost.
  • Losing your data can be expensive in both time and money.
  • Data loss is more common than you think and usually caused by hardware failures, viruses or theft.

What is a backup?

A second copy of your data.  To be truly safe though, you should have 3 copies with one of these stored in a different physical location.

Backing up Roadworthy Logbook

Web Edition:

You don’t need to do anything.  Once your inspection has been saved then your data is automatically backed up.

  • Your roadworthy information is backed up every 5 minutes
  • Your inspection images are stored on multiple hard drives and in multiple locations.

For more information on the web edition please click here.

Desktop Edition (Local backup):

A good strategy for Roadworthy Logbook is to have at least 2 USB drives, with one of these always stored at a different physical location (BackupSet1 and BackupSet2).  Backup daily to BackupSet1 and then at the end of the week take this home and swap the drives over so the next week you will backup daily to BackupSet2.  This gives you your main copy on your PC and a locally stored backup no more than a day old.  Should the worst case scenario happen where you lose everything in the building, you can then fall back to your weekly backup from home.  If you only do a handful of inspections, then you could switch to weekly backups.

Desktop Edition (Online backup):

Backup all your inspections and photos directly to our web edition and let us handle it for you.  Simply click the online backup option from the file menu.

Note.  To use the online backup you will need to create an account first.  If you’re currently under maintenance, then you will be given full access until your maintenance expires.

Web Edition Updated with auto complete fields

A new version of Roadworthy Logbook – Web is now available to everyone.  This version aims at reducing the time it takes to enter the inspection data.

  • Auto complete for vehicle make, model, type and colour
  • Auto complete customer address lookup.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Web Edition Updated

A new version of Roadworthy Logbook – Web is now available to everyone.  This includes:

  • Option to print the inspection details
  • Option to print the compliance report
  • Option to print the current displayed page of your inspection summary list
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Web Version – Officially Launched

Coinciding with the latest release we now have two versions of our Roadworthy Logbook software.  We will still continue to maintain our existing desktop version but we also now offer a web based version which we believe is even better.

  • Your inspections are stored and accessed through the website from any device connected to the internet
    • Attach inspection photos directly from your mobile phone or tablet
    • Ability to update your inspections from multiple computers.  Eg. Use your office PC to start the inspection, adding the customer information and then switch to your mobile phone to attach your photos or use your laptop from outside your workplace to keep up to date with your roadworthy paperwork.
  • Free starter plan for those who only do a few inspections each month.  Easily migrate to a paid plan as you perform more inspections
  • Lower price with no up front costs.  Monthly or Yearly plans available starting at just $14.95
  • Easier to get started.  No installs or updates required.  You can get started in just a couple minutes
  • Easy migration from the desktop app to the web version using the online backup option.
  • Already includes many of the same features as the desktop version

For more information on the web version, or to register please click here.