After having several customers face issues with their data recently I thought it would be good to remind everyone about the importance of backing your Roadworthy Logbook data.  March 31st also happens to be world backup day so what better day to ensure that your backups are in order.

Why backup your data?

  • In most cases it is nearly impossible to recover or replace the data once it has been lost.
  • Losing your data can be expensive in both time and money.
  • Data loss is more common than you think and usually caused by hardware failures, viruses or theft.

What is a backup?

A second copy of your data.  To be truly safe though, you should have 3 copies with one of these stored in a different physical location.

Backing up Roadworthy Logbook

Web Edition:

You don’t need to do anything.  Once your inspection has been saved then your data is automatically backed up.

  • Your roadworthy information is backed up every 5 minutes
  • Your inspection images are stored on multiple hard drives and in multiple locations.

For more information on the web edition please click here.

Desktop Edition (Local backup):

A good strategy for Roadworthy Logbook is to have at least 2 USB drives, with one of these always stored at a different physical location (BackupSet1 and BackupSet2).  Backup daily to BackupSet1 and then at the end of the week take this home and swap the drives over so the next week you will backup daily to BackupSet2.  This gives you your main copy on your PC and a locally stored backup no more than a day old.  Should the worst case scenario happen where you lose everything in the building, you can then fall back to your weekly backup from home.  If you only do a handful of inspections, then you could switch to weekly backups.

Desktop Edition (Online backup):

Backup all your inspections and photos directly to our web edition and let us handle it for you.  Simply click the online backup option from the file menu.

Note.  To use the online backup you will need to create an account first.  If you’re currently under maintenance, then you will be given full access until your maintenance expires.